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On set of In the Land of Women [2005]
Production Assistant - Film starring Meg Ryan, Adam Brody, and Olympia Dukakis. I aided in various tasks alongside the Key Production Assistant (Key PA) and the Location Manager (LM).

Cast: Meg Ryan, Adam Brody, Kristen Stewart, Olympia Dukakis
Director: Jonathan Kasdan
Screenwriter: Jonathan Kasdan

Ecotopia [2001]
Lead organizer for a 5 day environmental getaway for 50 youth - Organizer for this event, which was organized in conjunction with Environment Canada’s CEN (Canadian Environmental Network) initiative. Assembled 50 youths in Montreal and took them to various planned locations across Quebec where we met other youth. Different events where planned at each stop including nature hikes, ecological tours, camping, education seminars, and visits to beef, chicken, and pork farms.

ENJEU (Environnement Jenesse) [1998 - 2001]
Administrative council member / Organizer of various events and publications - Elected administrative council member and editor of the French language quarterly magazine., L’EnJeu. Participated in organizing various events and summits, including Ecotopia.

Earth Day [2000]
Large 3 day public environmental trade conference promoting local and international groups with a “green” mandate - I headed a team that was in charge of the budget and fundraising, bookings, media and press, live sound, food, and entertainment. It was a striking success. Participants included Greenpeace, WWF, Sierra Club, CBC, CFCF, local groups, and many more.

Le Temple - BREAKOUT [1998]
Event planner - The highlight venture, "Breakout", was a multi room, multi floor, 7 DJ event that netted 2500 patrons. Net take at the door and coat check well exceeded 5 figures; bar sales exceeded 6 figures.

Various fundraisers
Fundraisers for varying charities and NGOs including, Sun Youth, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, WWF, and Dans La Rue - Employed in varying capacities including fundraiser, organizer, manager, booking agent, promotions, catering, media relations, and entertainment.

Copies Concordia and other copy center [1997 - 2000]
Print and digital graphic design - Employed at varying copy and graphics centers over a three period(Copies Concordia, Copies Etc., and Copies Express) which all offered similar services. Client base varied from students to large corporations like Southam Press and L’Oreal.

Hye Travel [Part-time 1996 - 1998]
Sales and marketing director and travel agent - Sales representative, responsible for creating national and international travel itineraries for walk-in call-in clients. I also aided with the management of the office environment including public relations, advertising, and promotions (i.e. creation of travel packages and to organize student group excursions).

Moverseas [Summer 1992 - 1995]
International freight forwarding warehouse manager - Organized and maintained the storage and receiving warehouses to ensure that goods were properly and safely stored and transported. Worked on-site with the transport crew.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC)
Attended as an observer and volunteer.

ENJEU (Environnement Jeunesse)
Elected administrative council member and editor of the French language quarterly magazine.

United Nations (IUCN Summit)
Youth representative and journalist.

Environment Canada
Youth representative and board member at the CEN.

West Island Rehabilitation Center and Maison-des-Jeunes Cote-des-Neiges
Spent several hours a day with young individuals doing a variety of tutoring and activities.

Spent one year as a shadow for a youth with a disability.