September, 2012 (last updated)

This is a resume of my work experience.

Thank you for taking the time to read it.

I was most recently (SEP 2012) a Quality Assurance Analyst at Transcontinental Inc.. I am currently open to new opportunities.

I am most actively seeking a work in non-governmental-organizations (NGOs) and non-profits (NPOs). I desire to focus on community, dissemination, and best practice. Current motivations are related to food, food security, localization, and grass roots support.

I am also interested in opportunities to develop or consult on food preparation and operations of all types and sizes; especially related to catering and contract style businesses.

In the IT world, I am a well-rounded and autonomous professional who has worked in varying capacities on many projects across Canada:
- 10+ years of experience designing, developing, and deploying internal/external IT projects (full-scope n-tier)
- 3+ years of experience in Quality Assurance (international clients with a focus on digital asset management)
- early career focus on print, media, and publication
- migration to web as of its infancy with strength in user interface; migration to client-server technologies/web applications
- using project and development experience, succeeded in Quality Assurance with strength in process analysis; automation
In other branches of interest, I have been distributing Wordpress and Drupal with Localizer, eCommerce, and other modules. I have also been contributing to montcarte.

I am always interested in continuing my work in technology.

I speak, read, and write French and English, and speak some Arabic.

I am an avid/professional traveler, musician, and chef/caterer.