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Vipassana Meditation [2006,2007,2008,2009,2010...]
Anicca (impermanence) - Vipassana meditation is probably the single most important thing I've ever done; for "myself". In March 2006, I did my first 10 day (noble silence) course, and I cannot express, in this small space, the value of understanding the nature of our cravings and aversions; attachment or dislike of anything is IMPERMANENT, unless "we persist", fulfilling falsehoods. It is in our own best interest to see things as they are - not in the ways we've sculpted; stop persisting the I, the My.

IMS Health Canada [2001 - 2003]
At IMS, I had the opportunity to work at new levels of complexity and capacity. I was engaged with an amazing team and learned from their years of experience. During my time at IMS, I designed, developed, and managed object-oriented, multi-tiered web applications (.NET). I have created custom .NET controls and web services to create a fully dynamic, multi-lingual, and multi-user interface. The application metadata was managed using third party toolkits (Terra Axis/Micro Strategy). Microsoft adopted part of our framework for their 2005 release of the .NET and Visual Studio frameworks.

UMBRELA [2001 - Present]
Shortly thereafter, I decided to pursue a more conventional avenue. Using a 3 years career in graphic design as a stepping stone, I began developing web (ASP, VB, and SQL) and Microsoft.NET applications. Under UMBRELA Inc. (a company that I opened), I delivered on 15+ contracts and employs over four years, the most recent of which was IMS Health Canada. The experience I gained in administration, project, team, and accounts management, sales, and marketing was amazing.

Grass Roots [1997 - 2001]
My software development career started shortly after discontinuing my work with NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). I worked to improve the levels of awareness regarding the nature of Western capitalist consumerist industrial engines and national foreign/domestic policies. This work was very important to me. It started with an interest in a small student run organization (1995) with a "green" knowledge-share mandate. Educating became a hobby and I followed the momentum to Environnement Jeunesse (ENJEU), Environment Canada, and the United Nations (IUCN, UNFCC).

Travel and Music [Ongoing]
One of the most consistent parts of my life has been in my relationship with music and travel. I’ve been playing guitar and singing for 15 years and have enjoyed playing in bands as a guitarist, drummer, bassist, and singer. In 2006, I am starting my study in writing and recording music.

I’ve been traveling even longer: London; Paris; Amsterdam; Venice; New York; Miami; Toronto; Montreal; Vancouver; LA; San Diego; San Francisco; Portland; Seattle; Baltimore; Philadelphia; Pittsburg; Mexico; Costa Rica; Lebanon; Jordon… and a few missing in between. Most recent adventure: Les Îles de la Madeleine.

Road trips preferred… especially on a motorcycle.